1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Zig-Zag® White

$2.99 CAD

Zig-Zag's original and iconic White papers now in a longer format.

A thin-weight paper that’s easy to roll and burns slowly. 

Derived from the sap of the African acacia tree, the natural properties of gum Arabic provide a consistent seal without impacting the taste. 

You can get our Iconic White "Slow Burning" papers in two other formats: Pre-Rolled Cones and Single-Wide.


  • Paper Dimensions: 78 x 44 mm
  • Made using Natural Flax Plant Fibers
  • 100% Natural Gum Arabic
  • 50 papers per booklet
  • Available in Booklet, 3-pack & Carton format (25 booklets)
  • Available in two other formats Pre-Rolled Cones and Single-Wide.

Available in new formats

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